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This website served the Neurobiology Lab ( BIO365L) sections taught by Michael Markham at the University of Texas from 2008-2011. Dr. Markham no longer teaches this course, but this site will remain active for informational and archival purposes.

This course offers a unique opportunity for students to record the activity of single neurons in slices of living brain tissue using sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment and software. It is an intensive course that requires active hands-on participation from all students. It also is a writing intensive course where students will learn and improve skills necessary to write clear and detailed scientific reports.

This course offers you the opportunity to see the concepts you learned in Vertebrate Physiology play out in real-time, in real neurons. It is a chance to test the theories and concepts from your textbooks against real-world experiments.


August 20, 2011. Thanks and farewell to all of the great students who made this such a fun and rewarding class to teach. The past four years were a blast!

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DocumentsAll the materials related to the course, including the syllabus, lab manual, required reading, assignments, and recommended reading.

Lab Reports Lots of resources to help you write your lab reports. Guidelines, sample reports, and links to helpful web resources.

News / Calendar Check here often for up-to-date information and announcements regarding the class

ResourcesHelpful and necessary resources to assist you with course assignments

LinksLinks to interesting and useful neuroscience stuff on the web.

About The CourseMore information than you ever wanted about your instructor and TA, as well as an overview of the equipment and software, and some history of the Neurobiology Lab course.

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