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We will make extensive use of Blackboard during the semester. Activities will include online collaboration on lab projects, discussion forums, and online quzzes / homework assignments.

Student Computer Labs

The school of biological science provides computer labs in the ACA building (map) where you can use Igor Pro and Neurons in Action outside of class. All of the stations in ACA 1.124 are macintosh computers with Igor Pro installed. To use these computers, you simply log on with your EID and password.

These labs are reserved for classes at certain times of the week. You can find the lab hours here, and find out when the labs are reserved for classes here (be sure to select the right room in the drop-down menu at the top of the calendar).

You can start Igor Pro by opening one of the Igor experiments saved on your rig computer in PAI 1.04. You must first connect to the computer for your rig.

  • Select Go | Conect to Server at the top menu
  • Enter the IP address of your lab computer (instructions for finding the appropriate IP address are below).
  • Enter the username and password provided by your instructor
  • Mount the volume 'markhamtues'
  • Double-click the 'Desktop' folder then open the 'Student Data' folder.
  • Double-click the appropriate saved experiment to start Igor Pro and access the data files and graphs stored in that experiment.

Note that you must know the IP address of your rig computer for this to work. Find that IP address by viewing this page from your rig computer. The IP address of the computer you are using right now is



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